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It’s a pleasure to me, to have you here on board.
Even when it’s only a virtual visit, I hope you will like it on this unique classic yacht.

The Carrina is wonderful. She’s great. And above all a very pleasant mate to sail with.
It’s my aim to improve her condition and to keep this example of English maritime heritage as original as possible.

Sometimes I’m asking myself, why me.
Usually I’m very pleased to be here owner. I feel it like a privilege. But I’ve to admit there are some difficult moments too. Specially when you have to make decisions about refit, originality, materials and so on. But for this masterpiece of maritime craftsmanship it’s an honour to do so.

The Carrina. She’s one of the last “great old ladies” of the mighty Oceans. Great not in size but in originality.

Still she breathes the atmosphere of yachting in the early Twenties of the past century. Come on board and go through her experiences in the Atlantic, the Caribbean, her adventures in Brasil…

… we wish she only could talk.

We are talking about a 54-foot stay sail schooner. A lady, almost a century old. Built in 1914 for Mr. Westray by R.J. Perkins & Sons in Whitstable, Devon. She was designed by Frederick Shepherd and launched in 1929 for G.F. Carrington of Kingshaw, Woldingham. Nowadays owned by Mr. Willem van der Velde. Lying in The Netherlands.

Everyone who wants to be in touch with me and the Carrina can use the ‘contact’ link to send me an email. I’ll try to answer these as soon as possible.

Enjoy your stay on board!
Willem van der Velde.

About Carrina

designed: Fred. Shepherd

Yard: R.J. Perkins & sons, Whitstable

Interior Robertson’s of London

Keel: 1914 – Launched 1929

Port of registration: Faversham, no. 1 in 1929

L.O.A. 20,12 m Beam 4,12 m Draft 2,74

Displacement 39,1 to

Sails 190 sqm

Teak (the best Birma, not Java!) on grown oak frames

Engine Gardner 4LW, 62 hp

Cabins 3 Berths guests 4


Special Ensign for ships on the UK National Register of Historic Vessels

  • Crafted with love

    Frederick Shepherd demanded extremely high quality. The shipwrights of the yard could deliver it. Nowadays we should be very grateful to them. Some of Fred. Shepherd’s demands: best Burman teak planking (not Java) / grown frame double timbers of English oak / lead keel bolts 1 3/8 & 1 ¼” diars. best yellow metal.

  • Melodical by nature

    Due to her spoon bow and canoe stern, the Carrina slips through the water. She cuts the swell easily and releases the water at her stern very smooth. Carrina loves the sea and her waves, she feels very comfortable at open sea.
    In light winds she’s not the fastest in the field. She loves a bit more power in her sails. In strong winds and gales she’s a reliable mate to sail with.

  • Lightning Fast

    In strong winds Carrina beats many of her competitors. Several trophy’s are carried aboard.

  • Distinguished Flags

    Honored by the National Historic Ships UK, Carrina is authorized to wear the Red Ensign defaced with the badge of the NHS. In the thirties she also carried the pennants of the Royal Thames Yacht Club, the Royal London Yacht Club and the Royal Naval Sailing Association.

Sailing has never been more fun with the carrina.

What others say about us

Carrina’s high degree of authenticity makes her a wonderful timecapsule, and thus a site for yachting-archaeologists.

This is a yacht on which I would leave immediately for a circumnavigation. Without any hesitations any worries. This is a gentleman’s yacht on which you are safe, she will handle every gale.

Nominated for the restoration of the year.

Selected in the ‘hall of fame’ of the 250 best boats in the world.