Having a dream, a passion, a drive.

    Despite the genius of her designer, the excellent craftsmanship of the shipwrights …: a classic yacht can only survive thanks to the work and the money that the successive owners spent on the yacht.

    Carrina, with all her grace and splendid looks, attracted those owners who admired her, who fell in love with her and who wanted only the best for her.
    Carrina deserves and got the only way an owner can become her proud owner…. by giving her Tender Love and Care.

    That makes her, who she was and in fact, still is. Very original and with a patina that only comes by time, which offers to those who step aboard an unique warm and comfortable welcome. Carrina has a very special atmosphere, because of her successive owners respected her pedigree.

Ownerships over the past years
1934George Frederick Carrington
1944Harold Francis Blackborow
Henry Stanley Whiteside
19481950Mary Lorna Berthon
19501953Harry Montague Pinney
19531953Edith Pinney
Richard Grosvenor Pinney
1973John Charles Staniland
19731982John Charles Staniland
Mildred Claire Staniland
Ian Staniland
19821984Deborah Grey Bellamy
19842003John Christopher Horton
2003Willem van der Velde