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Comfortable and well balanced.

Due to Frederick Shepherds design, the spoon bow and the canoe stern, the Carrina slips through the water. She cuts the swell without any problem and easily releases the water at her stern. She feels at home, at sea.
In light winds Carrina is not the fastest in the field. She loves a bit more power in her sails. Which isn’t so strange if you keep in mind the displacement of 39,0 to. But well trimmed, she even runs with light winds at a remarkable speed. Thanks to her wishbone.

Carrina is well balanced, due to her long keel. It’s a pleasure to be on her wheel. Well trimmed, she keeps her course by herself.

The great July Gale of 1956

An excerpt from an unique experience

Carrina as you now know is a wonderful sea boat. You might be interested to read the chapter in Adlard Coles ‘Heavy Weather Sailing’ concerning the 1956 Great July Gale, which we were in the middle of.  My father was at the wheel, keeping her square on to the huge following seas as we ran under bare poles at 7 to 10 knots, for 36 hours. We went tumbled down one sea so fast, that the bow wave lifted both life buoys out of the rigging and started the main engine. At the time, the engine was kept in gear to stop the shaft turning and with the speed estimated by an engineer to be 27knots?? – it twisted the shaft over and started the cold engine on full compression. Obviously over 28 years we encountered many gales and she was always as comfortable as an old shoe. There are of course, many stories to tell, but perhaps in time I will get around to it.

Mr. Ian Staniland, a well respected former owner and member of the OCC.


Your first step on board, is like going back in time in a time-machine. The unique nature of the schooner Carrina is beyond question.

Heaven on earth: Cabrera

In November 2004 we made a 5 day trip to the south-east coast of Mallorca.
Our first port of call was Porto Petro. A very quiet and pleasant natural harbour with only a few signs of tourism. We stayed overnight on anchor.

Our next stop was Porto Colom and at the end we stayed in Cabrera. A national park of unusual beauty with a very well protected anchorage. In the old days, smugglers and pirates used this island as there base.The port is very charming and its great attraction is…  there’s nothing except a small bar (Cantina).