Artikelen door Willem van der Velde


To get the right look and feel with the atmosphere of yachting in the thirties, the details and panneling of the sailcloth should be as close as possible as it was in time of Carrina’s launch. That’s why the sailmakers are strickly briefed as follows with detailed specifications for classic sailcloth: Narrow panels, traditional corners, […]

Pre war sailings of Carrina

A quote from the daughter of the second owner, Mr. H.F. Blackborow (10/08/1895 – 24/09/1966): For the moment, as H.F. Blackborow’s only surviving daughter – living in Italy – who  as a little girl spent two entire summers (I think) on Carrina, I can say that my father did not race with Carrina. He almost […]

London, the city of Carrina’s conception

London, the city and its life in which Fred. Shepherd designed and originated Carrina. Filmed in color in 1927. With a very well done comparison with London’s life in 2013. Frederick Shepherd (1869 – 1969) had set up his 1899 own design practice in Norfolk Street, just off the Strand in central London. His business […]

Wishbone in the Yachtsman Yearbook 1935

On page 271 and 272 is a review of Carrina’s wishbone.     In Yachting World Magazine of that same year 1935 have been published an article about the manufacturing of the wishbone at the yard of Laurent Gilles. You can see this page on my Carrina website.

In the Carib

Sail charters in the Carib, the history Yachting in the English-speaking West Indies did not accelerate into modernity until 1947, just after World War II, when an unknown photographer and journalist named Carleton Mitchell sailed up the Lesser Antilles in a 46-foot ketch** and wrote an amazing chronicle of his trip, Islands to Windward (1947). […]

New cabin light guest cabin

The interior of the Carrina is made in the era called Art Deco. Art Deco  is often anecdotally dated from 1925 when the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes was organized to showcase new ideas in applied arts. Deco emphasizes geometric forms: spheres, polygons, rectangles, trapezoids, zigzags, chevrons, and sunburst motifs. Elements are often […]

Carrina’s new website is… Online

Het is gelukt. Tenminste op mijn test browser verschijnt ook de site onder de simpele url: Dit is een belangrijke fase en maakt het updaten van de site een heel stuk eenvoudiger. Ik zal nu er naar streven om de site ook actueel te houden en er kan zelfs geblogd worden. Ondertussen is er […]

Welcome to the new site of Carrina

Almost a week I’ve worked very hard to get the new website for the staysail schooner Carrina ready. I’ve made it in WordPress with the theme Enfold. With these tools it was a joy to build it. I hope everyone will enjoy it. And feel free to respond and make your contribution. Regards, Willem van […]