In the Carib

Sail charters in the Carib, the history

Yachting in the English-speaking West Indies did not accelerate into modernity until 1947, just after World War II, when an unknown photographer and journalist named Carleton Mitchell sailed up the Lesser Antilles in a 46-foot ketch** and wrote an amazing chronicle of his trip, Islands to Windward (1947).

Chartering started in 1949 with the Nicholson’s family. With the 70 ft. schooner Mollihawk. She was the grandmother of the fleet in the early fifties and gradually joined by vessels as the 86 ft. schooner Freelance, 54 ft. schooner Carrina, 63 ft. ketch Georgiana and 70 ft. ketch Pas de Loup.They were run by European Captains, the pioneers that laid the foundation of what is the billion business of the charter industries what we have today.

I’m working on some research about the Carrina in that era. While it’s such an important activity in her past, I want to add a story about the Carrina charters  on her website. So keep stayed on and in a few weeks I hope to have a nice article about her.

Welcome to the new site of Carrina

Almost a week I’ve worked very hard to get the new website for the staysail schooner Carrina ready. I’ve made it in WordPress with the theme Enfold. With these tools it was a joy to build it.

I hope everyone will enjoy it. And feel free to respond and make your contribution.


Willem van der Velde, skipper and owner of Carrina

Me, Willem on the wheel of Carrina.

Me, Willem on the wheel of Carrina.